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Pepino’s Fresh Mexican Grill

October 7th, 2009


3832 SE Hawthorne Blvd

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Date of visit: Oct 7, 2009

Price for 2: $11.50

After a few days out off town, we opted against somewhere new and headed to Pepino’s, by far one of my favorite lunch spots. The taqueria is quick, cheap, and one of the few places on Hawthorne with an actual parking lot. (If you’ve been to Hawthorne you know parking can be a real pain.) Unlike the nearby, over-hyped Por Que No, Pepino’s is seriously cheap. I almost always go for the taqeria taco combo: two tacos, chips and a drink for $4.50. The tacos themselves are super basic. Two corn tortillas, meat (I get chicken), cilantro, onions and hot sauce, and that’s it. Delicious.

Jared always gets the Sweet tequila tofu burrito, which has an almost teriyaki-style sauce as well as rice, beans and tofu inside a flour tortilla. It comes with chips for $5.25.

Now based on the prices you’d think Pepino’s would be a grimy hole in the wall, but it’s actually bright and nice with an outdoor patio. There’s an extensive salsa bar, the employees are friendly, and they are always playing festive music. The only real negative I can think of about this place is that every table seems to be uneven and wobbly, but if you can get past that, and want a quick, delicious Mexican meal, Pepino’s is the spot.

Veggie Options: A section on the menu and tofu can be added to any menu item for a small charge.

Speed: I already said it was fast dammit!

Taqeria taco combo

Taqeria taco combo

Sweet tequilla tofu burrito

Sweet tequilla tofu burrito



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  1. fuzzyjay Says:

    I have to branch out. I always order the chicken Caesar salad there. The chicken is delicious and the salad is cheap, but I don’t know why with all the real Mexican food options, this is the one I end up with.

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