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Location: Woodstock Cart Pod
Price range: $2.50-$8
Cuisine: American Mexican

Today I set out on a mission to  get a Danang Pork sandwich from Graffiti, but alas:

photo copy 12

Vacation!? How dare you take a vacation!

Once I finished feigning outrage, I walked the two feet to the right, opting for a burrito from El Gallo. Mexican carts aren’t hard to come by in Portland, and as they go, this one isn’t my favorite. But, it’s also not really Mexican. As evidenced by the white guys working there, this place is Ameri-mex at best, despite the actual Spanish in its name.

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So, as you can probably assume, this isn’t my favorite burrito in Portland, but it is somewhat unique. Inside is meat, cheese, cabbage and pinto beans, as well as some cilantro and presumably salsa. Then the whole package is grilled up all crispy and there’s more sauce to be had on the side. Their salsas are good, but nothing to write home about. I think the big selling point here is that all the ingredient are local, natural, blah blah blah. It’s cool to eat food at Monsanto in theory hasn’t fucked with.

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Really, my favorite thing about this cart is that they have free water. I hate buying bottles of water, not just cause it’s terrible for the environment, but because I’m cheap. The cups and jug are a huge plus. Jared likes it because they have Mexican coke, which is exciting because as he wanted me to point out — not all coke in Mexico is Mexican coke.

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