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Bread and Ink Cafe

September 28th, 2009


Bread and Ink Cafe on Urbanspoon

3610 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Price for 2 (with tip) $26

Bread and Ink has been situated on the corner of 36th and SE Hawthorne for 25 years, and is definitely worth a stop if you’re on the Hawthorne strip. This is a favorite breakfast spot of ours, mostly because of their awesome waffles. Waffles can also be purchased from an outside window, but as I have an aversion to getting food and having no where to eat it, I’ve always opted to sit down inside.

I’ve gotten a few different things here breakfast-wise. The lox eggs benedict is one of my favorite benedicts in Portland, so creamy and decadant, but accordingly, a little rich for a breakfast dish. Almost all egg dishes come with a choice of breads (as the name implies) and potatoes, though you can sub polenta, which is actually more delicious than their roasted potatoes. During the week hashbrowns are also available, but we’re usually foiled on that one due to this being our Sunday spot.

I have also had lunch a few times here and what really sets it apart is the fresh, quality ingredients. It sounds cliched, but shrimp sandwiches with fresh mango really wouldn’t be as good defrosted. The staff at Bread and Ink is another thing that makes this place pretty cool. Even though it’s an upscale, white table cloth sort of joint, most of the staff is heavily tattooed making it hard to forget you are still in Portland. If you’re really lucky, you’ll get waited on by the guy with the chain wallet, who actually may be the owner. He’s not good at counting change, but he’s friendly and entertaining.

The only real negative about Bread and Ink is it’s a little on the pricey side for a lunch place, but since they serve all three meals, you can opt to go here anytime.

Veggie options: Yes, although the egg dishes are not available with tofu like many places in Portland.

Speed: Even though this isn’t the ideal lunch spot, they get you in and out pretty quickly. The waffle window is probably even faster.

ABC Scramble with Polenta

ABC Scramble with Polenta

Belgian street waffles

Belgian street waffles



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