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Fu Jin

October 2nd, 2009


3549 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Fu Jin on Urbanspoon

Date of Visit: September 28, 2009

Price for two (with tip): $20.50

From the outside Fu Jin looks like it’s either going to be amazingly seedy and gross, or amazingly seedy and good. But inside the dining room is basically like a really dressed-up cafeteria, and the food over all was decent, so it’s actually much more boring than that.

If there is one thing I can say for Chinese places, they do lunch right. The lunch menu included a $5.95 lunch special with your choice of soups, an entrée and rice. If you’re wondering how we managed to spend $21, we ordered a pot sticker appetizer, which was almost as expensive as the meals themselves. Oops.

My meal didn’t get off to a great start with the hot and sour soup. It was filled with egg (perhaps the egg drop soup is the exact same thing?) and tasted more like spicy chicken broth than any hot and sour soup I’ve ever had. Things didn’t improve when the veggie pot stickers arrived either. Neither of us really liked them, as they were too small and too greasy. Luckily for us, things turned around when the entrees came out. I got the beef with broccoli and with a little splash of soy sauce it was actually quite good. The beef was tender, the broccoli firm and the sauce had a little hint of spice. Jared got the sesame tofu, which was spicy (as noted) and he said, quite delicious.

So overall, FuJin wasn’t horrible, and didn’t cause any immediate bathroom trips, but it just was. Definitely a good deal for a full meal, but not as good as near by Chopsticks (which we’ll get back to eventually.)

Veggie options: A whole section on the menu, and the waiter made sure to tell us the soup was made with meat broth

Speed: Throw in the wok, fry. Food came quickly, but the server was busy talking and we were a bit neglected.

beef with brocolli

beef with brocolli

sesame tofu

sesame tofu

veggie potstickers

veggie potstickers

hot and sour soup

hot and sour soup



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  1. Lea Says:

    my mouth is watering from across the country. don’t mind if i come visit and eat the entire time. i like to consider myself a pot sticker Connesuir…. ordering them wherever I go.

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