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Hot Lips Pizza

November 17th, 2009


2223 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Hot Lips Pizza on Urbanspoon

Date of Visit: November 16, 2009

Price for 2 (including tip and blogger discount) $10

People ask me all the time if I get free food because of this blog, or at least, if that’s the goal. The answer is no on both counts, I am simply doing this cause it’s a fun project. But on our trip to Hot Lips, blogging did pay off. It also helped that I knew the person working (through a friend), so I happened to bring up the fact I’d be blogging about our experience. When we were rung up, 3 slices, two drinks and a salad magically only cost $8.50. I am sharing this in the interest of full disclosure (take that FTC!), and so that I can stress this discount in no way is reflected on my review, which just happens to be favorable.

Hot Lips has been a go-to pizza place for us for awhile, mostly because it’s some of the best pizza in Portland. Add in reasonable prices (even without blogger discount) such as a $6.50 slice/salad/drink combo and house-made fruity soda Jared is especially fond of, and Hot Lips wins. One thing about this place is that every day the selections are different and I am definitely fonder of some special slices than others. The “taco-style” one I got once was just plain weird, but Monday’s special: sausage, red onions and greens, was damn good. I went with the salad combo, which includes choice of caeser or green salad. I got the green salad, which is lettuce and various root vegetables and grabbed ranch dressing for the dual purpose of dousing my slice in it.

Jared got two slices, a vegan foccacia and a plain old cheese. He really takes advantage of the sauce and pepper bar, which offers plenty of ways to spice up your slices. (God, I really just typed that.) But it’s just another thing that’s rad about Hot Lips. After trying out a bunch of the pizza places on Hawthorne (Oasis, Vincente’s, Rovente), I must say, Hot Lips would still be a favorite even if we didn’t get that discount.

Speed: Pretty quick, though they do reheat your slices

Veggie options: yep, even some vegan ones.

Vegan foccacia and cheese slice

Vegan foccacia and cheese slice

lunch combo with special slice

lunch combo with special slice



4 Responses to “Hot Lips Pizza”

  1. karla Says:

    love their housemade pickled beets! their seasonal viniagrettes (well, sorta seasonal, i guess, they only have two: tomato -which sounds gross but it’s good- and leek-something-or-other) are very tasty!

  2. admin Says:

    Hey Karla. Thanks for being such a loyal reader. Next time you are in sweet pea if the door at the top of the stairs is open you should stop in and say hi (that’s our office.)

  3. karla Says:

    oooo, that’s who you are! i met Jared around Christmastime last year!
    i’ll come say hi sometime.

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